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February 25, 2009


Yes, our group was the only three people inside the entire Imax theater to watch Dark Knight by the time it started.  About fifteen minutes into it, two other groups came in.  I'm positive they didn't pay for a ticket, but with times being hard people have to take desperate measures to survive.  Needless to say, it was very bad ass in the Imax and the fact that by the end of the movie not even ten people were in the theater was alright by me.  Imax is amazing, but even more amazing is having an Imax to yourself.  Not having to share the theater was something new to me.  Even at 2:00 when I saw the underwater Titanic documentary bullshit in 3-D the theater was half full. AAAANNNNNDDDD if you didn't know, Dark Knight was filmed with Imax compatible cameras so you don't get just the effect of a big screen, but physical quality INCLUDING a completely full screen at times.  If you want to check Dark Knight out in Imax you better run and get your tickets today!  No not because sales are still booming, Knight already broke a billion bones in the box office, but because today is the last day for Dark Knight in Imax due to Jonas Bros. 3-D being released tomorrow.  Good luck asses!