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December 08, 2014

"Eaten Alive" Star Ends Up Just Boring Old "Alive"

If you’re like me, you vaguely recall scrolling past something on your Facebook feed that mentioned a Discovery Channel special about a guy getting eaten alive by a big fat snake. Well, that special aired last night and it was a big fat bust. The guy literally could not stand the pressure and tapped out before the big fat snake (my snake expert is telling me to call it an “anaconda”) even parted his fangs.

One very cool thing that came out of the special, though, was the public finally got a look at what an anaconda-level crush-proof suit looks like. Aaaaaand it looks really really cool.


That’s some G.I. Joe COBRA Commander shit. And call me crazy but that suit was very clearly styled. Like, you don’t come up with those royal blue accents if you’re only going for functionality.

You can watch the clip of the snake man get choked out below. Despite him not actually getting swallowed, there is definitely something funny about Man being so clearly dominated by Nature.