This week’s SNL was all about Republican-candidate wisecracks and Chris Hemsworth’s six pack — all of which I support. It’s hard to believe that Donald Trump hosted the show a month ago, especially after this week’s crescendo of jokes at his expense, but sometimes you gargle and gargle and ya still can’t get that bad taste out of your mouth, and you probably need a root canal, but you don’t have dental insurance, and it’s not your fault, it’s not your parents’ fault, it’s the fault of the whole damn system, so you just keep gargling and hoping nobody notices your bad breath. That’s a metaphor for network TV that you are welcome to unpack or you can skip it and watch all the good sketches from last night!

I don’t like the taste of broccoli. I wouldn’t like it any better if you called it “Broccoli!”

Nobody saw the cold open coming, but Will Ferrell reprising his classic Dubya is almost a guaranteed home run — and this one knocked it out of the park! The premise of George W.Bush making fun of all of the current lunatic Republican candidates,and therefore announcing an unconstitutional third term run for the presidency, was just a lot of positive baseball metaphors. Also, he calls Donald Trump a “knucklehead” … hehehe.

“I think Donald Trump really likes me!”

Weekend Update was particularly great this week. Right off the bat (stop me, please, I hate baseball), Michael Che went on a spirited rant about how Donald Trump isn’t actually a racist, because “racism is embedded in deep down a person’s soul,"and Trump doesn’t have a soul. "I’ve looked into that man’s eyes. There’s nothing in there but dollar signs floating in cologne.” And then he likens The Donald to the “political equivalent of a phone sex operator” and you definitely want to hear the rest of that joke! Then Colin Jost sets up a brief, but hilarious bit about Jeb Bush’s campaign: a Rescue Jeb Bush ad set to the animal-cruelty tune of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

I know another place where you can get blood from is my penis

All in all, Chris Hemsworth did a fine job as host, but he was best utilized in a filmed piece as that familiarly corny macho-cop character who “doesn’t have time to bleed” after he gets shot. He plays alongside his partner, Sasheer Zamata, at whom he keeps making increasingly nonsensical sexual advances to dismiss her whenever she insists that he go to the hospital.