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Published February 20, 2013
THE PRISONERS BY JOSHUA PROCTOR   Season 3 of the Walking Dead in my opinion has been the best one yet. Every episode is unpredictable. So much that a lot of the main characters were killed. T-Dog went out like a champ and that one slut was killed by her son. What was her name again? You know the whore that sucked off Rick, Shane and Dale.......ummmmm I want to say Lisa? Anyway the true heroes of season 3 are the prisoners. Their job were to act like they were important to the show just so they can take a bite or a bullet or even a machete to the head for the group. So lets take time to remember these heroic people of season 3. Big Tiny:      Imprisoned for: Unknown. My guess is for the worst nickname ever.      Killed by: Tomas super shanking After Big Tiny introduced himself he became my 3rd favorite character in t.v history. The biggest thing he did was warn Rick about their freezer/bathroom. Mr.Tiny did not stick around much after that. A walker got him and then Tomas used him like a pinata. Oddly enough he was filled with candy. Tomas:      Imprisoned for: I really don't know. I mean he seemed like a nice enough guy      Killed by: Trying to wear Rick's machete like a hat. Tomas Tomas Tomas where did it all go wrong? Tomas who was the leader of the prisoners (which I am sure is the highest honor he ever had) never really seemed to get along with Rick. I mean did he push a zombie on to Rick once? Sure ok. But I am sure he had a great reason why. If only Rick gave him a chance to explain why. But the hot head thought it would be a better idea to split Tomas' brain in half. So long live Tomas the best leader of prisoners since Tim Robbins. Andrew:      Imprisoned for: Is being a bitch a crime in Georgia?      Killed by: Oscar being a Uncle Tom Right after Tomas was killed Rick chased Andrew out of the prison. Andrew went on to be become one of the most important characters of the season. I still don't fully understand what his plan was but whatever he had in mind lead to the deaths of T-dog and...........GOD DAMN IT! What was that bitches name? Was it Loki? Was Rick married to Thor's brother? But Andrew got what he had coming to him just cause he caused the death of the real leader of the group T-Dog. Oscar:     Imprisoned for: Breaking and entering. He stole lines from T-Dog     Killed by: Being a human shield I had high hopes for Oscar a.k.a T-Dog 2. I mean he saved Rick's life and he was talking and everything! But when they made that group to go to Woodbury and they picked him it was all over. Hell they should have just put a red shirt on him. (That will be my one and only Star Trek reference I will ever use) The real nail in his coffin came when Tyrese a.k.a T-dog 3 showed up to the prison. Putting the group over their limit of black males. Axel:    Imprisoned for: Armed robbery    Killed by: A one eye sniper! Man The Governor is a great shot! Axel never said to much. All we knew about him is that he liked Daryl's bike, Beth (creepy right? I mean he was in prison but still she is only like 16 or something) and he had a thing for lesbians. I do want to hear the end to that story. He started it off with a great joke. "He had a real money problem. In that he never gave me any." LOLZ FOR DAYS RIGHT? That is one hell of a bit. But then he said "One time....." BAM! One time what? I guess I will have to watch the webisodes. Him getting shot in the head was the only time he was useful to the group. He saved that wannabe dike's life and then served as a pretty good bunker for her. He also got to be on the Talking Dead that night with the werewolf from True Blood. I mean he is no Eric Northman but still. So there you have it. 5 great heroes. 4 great Americans and Tomas. Just think without them someone important could have been killed. LIKE MILTON!     PLEASE WATCH THE YOUTUBE SHOW JOSHUA'S POINT OF VIEW : PLEASE LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE JOSHUA'S POINT OF VIEW: