This week TBS aired “Conan In Cuba,” a special episode Conan O'Brien and his crew filmed in Havana, Cuba earlier this year, making Conan the first late night host in 50 years to film a show in Cuba. Conan spent his trip talking with the people of Cuba and trying to make friends along the way. In the process, he took a bunch of classes, wore an all-white suit, and did a whole lot of dancing while walking down the street.

Below is Conan’s intro to the program, complete with an impromptu house band and sidekick, and what follows are some other clips from the show that came after the intro, since that’s how shows work.

In one segment, Conan tested his musical skills by joining a salsa band. The members of the band were totally happy to have him but were also happy to admit a few of his shortcomings.

Conan also took a Spanish lesson, and, like the salsa band members, his teacher (very kindly, gently) picked on Conan a bit. Conan tried his best to teach her a few lessons, too.

In one clip Conan stood on a rooftop to observe the sunset and try to identify a few of the noises and sights happening in the city below him. He turned out to be a very articulate observer.

Finally, Conan visited a Cuban cigar factory and learned how to roll cigars, or really he was taught how to roll cigars and I guess didn’t absorb all of the lessons. (His cigars looked bad!)

Watch more clips from Conan’s special here.