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March 27, 2010


My Mighty Sea Captain - The Ultimate Final Last Battle, FOREVER!:
If anyone needs a visual image to get into the spirit of things, look here:
The Rules:
1. The first person to post represents  Mighty Sea Captain #1.  The person who posts next represents Mighty Sea Captain #2. The next comment (who ever it might be) represents #1. The next comment (who ever it might be) represents #2. etc.  For the sake of clarity, identify which Mighty Sea Captain you represent in your comment, either use the #1 #2 thing, or make up names for them.
2. Mighty Sea Captains fight, that's what Mighty Sea Captains do.  Any non-violent peaceful resolutions or suicides will be discounted, as unnatural acts of Unmighty Sea Captaincy.
3. You can only create one defensive-ey aspect of your Mighty Sea Captain, and one attack-ey aspect of your Mighty Sea Captain per comment.
4. If you post, you have to respond to the attacks made by the last Mighty Sea Captain. 
5. Noting is assumed about the Mighty Sea Captains.  They are whatever you say they are. (The Laws of Physics are hereby revoked)
6. You May Not Abbreviate The Term "Mighty Sea Captain" .