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December 17, 2008


Spain, first of all, is having great diversity when climate is concern. In the North of Spain lies the green and rainy part of the country. Along the whole coastline to the south and east of Spain you find a very dry zone with high average temperatures all year around. Last the climate in the central part of Spain varies from dry and hot in the summer to cold and rainy/snowy in the winter.

Spain’s most popular destination for the tourists visiting Spain each year and for the people who settles down in Spain is the coastal regions. Most of the tourists comes to Spain to experience the sun, food and hospitality, as well as discovering the country’s rich heritage of monuments and sights, imprint of the different civilizations, share in the local fiestas and traditions and to study the customs and language.

Places of Interest in Spain:

Each region in Spain is offering specialty depending on the climate, history, geography and traditions.

Mainly at the capital of Spain, Madrid, there lies the Royal castle and museums like el Prado and Reina Sofia. One of the great attractions is torre garden madrid where city could proudly present.

In Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Balearic and Canary Islands were also important tourist areas of Spain. This is mainly for the great beaches and sun this place could offer.

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