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April 21, 2010


You love hiking, but you don't want to carry a shotgun everytime you commune with nature. Many campers who try to defend themselves with a firearm against a bear attack end up getting injured. So why not a bear spray mace repellent?

With a bear spray, you don't have to be particularly close or particularly accurate for it to be effective. With a firearm you need pinpoint precision to takedown a bear, and considering the stress of the situation it's unlikely that even a seasoned hunter will be as accurate as needed.

Bear spray is the best way to protect yourself during an impending attack, because you can use it from a longer range. The spray will travel a minimum of 25 feet, creating a fog between you and the bear. Once the grizzly enters this cloud, it will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs of the bear, stopping it in its tracks before it even gets close enough to do any damage.

Keep in mind that bears are very rarely out hunting for humans. Most bear attacks can be avoided by educating yourself and by following all the proper precautions; bears should never be approached or taunted, food should never be left out at a campsite, bears should never be fed and garbage should be disposed of in a proper and timely manner.

Buy pepper spray like the Bear Repellent and Dog Pepper Spray, sprays designed to stop an attacking animal. The repellents immediately cause so much pain and discomfort that an animal has to switch the focus from attacking to recovering.