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February 16, 2009


10)  Borrow small amounts of money of friends (they will feel bad for asking for it back)
Ahh your friends, they are your best chance at saving money during this current climate. Ensure that when purchasing small items that could be paid for in coinage you only have notes or your debit card, that way your overly generous friend will usually cover you, but crucially any amount less then $10 will not be asked to be returned because they don’t want to look cheap, and the 'debt' will unfortunately slip your mind.
9) Free calls
Why spend your own precious minutes speaking to people when you can call and hang up quickly, forcing them to call you back. In nearly all cases the  'prang' technique will work however you sometimes get some 'cost-conscious' friend who might be wise and prang you back, thus a vicious circle of pranging entails until someone crack and actually makes the call. Make sure you do not crack. As a sub-point you should always cram as much as possible into one single text message and avoid at all costs getting into one of those never-ending text conversations, which involve always ending a text with a question. Just end the conversation.
8) Smell nice for free
Still spending money on expensive aftershaves? Merely change your daily routine to take in a quick visit to your local department store and boom! Free aftershave, and the real beauty is you can try a different aftershave every day - thus people will actually think you are loaded. This is an oldie but a classic.
7) Workout for free
As someone as great as you are, it is vital that you look your best at all times, and that means working out. However the gym can be an expensive 'luxury' though it needn't be, most gyms offer free trials in the vain hope of getting you to sign up long term. You should always accept their kind trial offers, and then quit as soon as the time comes to actually join. With the current health craze there are so many gyms around you could feasibly continue your nomadic gym existence for years! (Well at least a month really.) If your friends are (foolishly) member of a gym, demand that they get you guest passes.
6) Decorate your apartment/free clothes
People are always throwing stuff away, just leaving it on the street - that stuff is yours! Just the other day I picked up a nice leather sofa. A good place to find stuff that has been thrown away and is unwanted is outside of charity shops at nighttime.
5) 'Borrow' office supplies/toilets breaks
You go to work - in most cases every day! It is only right that you should be paid for this, I mean paid in addition to your salary. Your office has an inordinate amount of pens and you can never find a pen when you need one, ergo a pen will help you be able to work at home. Indeed many boxes of pens, which you can take home, will improve your productivity no end. I also advocate taking all toilet breaks at work that way you are being paid to go to the toilet and saving on your own expensive toilet paper at home.
4) Return 'unwanted' stuff to store
As we all know any reputable shop will have a great return policy to ensure against unwanted/defective ideas, but did you also know that this is actually your 'trial' period? The so-called (by me) 'try before you buy' period, you might have a big night out planned and require a new outfit. Keep the tags on and return at your leisure the next week after the clothes have failed their 'trial' period.
3) Universal Discount: It's your birthday
This is a classic and requires the minimum of effort to implement; all you need to do is remember today's date (should you be questioned) then whenever purchasing or wanting a discount simply inform people that it's your birthday. Can be used anywhere, a likely scenario would be when purchasing gas, "I would like a discount please - it's my birthday".
2) Free Drinks
The holy grail of going out - the open bar, this is literally stuff for free. Bar and clubs depending on the night will give away free drinks! Amazing. It is therefore important to know where these open bars are. If you live in New York City this is a great website detailing every open bar in the city. Another way to get free drinks is to befriend people, then hang around them till they buy themselves a drink, at this point politeness should dictate they offer to buy you a drink. Nice! Once they have bought you a drink, ditch them.
1) Save money on DVD's
Friends are very generous and usually have a lot of stuff that you want. Most times they will be very amenable to lending DVD's or games. It is not your fault if you forget to return them. In hindsight this is probably not the number one money saving tip on the list but it is still a good one. I should have rearranged the order really.
So there you have it my Top Ten Money Saving Tips during the credit crunch - what do you think, have you got any better ones that I don't know about? Leave a comment below and share your frugal tips!
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