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May 21, 2011

This is my first one I'm submitting; It's basically a script I wrote for a short video, funny advertisment about all the talk about "green" enviroment

(Owner)  Hi, my name is Oliver Green and I’m the owner of the Going Green Inc. If you wonder if my last name has something to do with my company’s name, well I got 2 things to say to you then: first, since you were able to catch that it means your IQ is higher than 50 so congratulate yourself (looking into camera on left)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Secondly, I’m not going to tell you anyway, so keep wondering (camera on right)


For past several years there has been talk about cleaner environment, less pollution, greener technology or, as most of us know it in one word – “Green”

From small business owners to a large corporation, everybody wants to get “Greener”, but it’s not an easy task, it’s costly, takes lot of time.

And this is when my company comes in to help you. For a reasonable fee, we can transform your company into one of the “Greenest” around in a matter of hours.

How can we do it so fast? (Showing several guys in protective white suits with canisters of green paint entering some office space and starting to spray everything around, even people working there).

Our professionally trained stuff will make it happen. Large buildings, corporate space? We got that covered too (the emergency wall spraying system goes off, green water comes out, people running around scared, guy getting electrocuted at copy machine)

Even in a case, that you, as a person, need to show the world that you care, we got a product just for you. (showing a guy putting on a green paint on his face and proudly walking the streets). Not convinced yet?  We even have different shades of green so that you can pick your own favorite one (showing a board meeting with every face painted green, various shades of green). After all, you don’t want to be just a regular face in the crowd (guy with a green face that can be seen from miles away walking a busy street).

So go ahead and surprise you wife or girlfriend with your progressive thinking that shows you care about our environment (a girlfriend is laying on a couch/ hot tube having her green cleaning mud  on her face with cucumbers when the guys walks in with green face, she takes a peak and  freaks out). After all, it’s all about our kids’ future, right? (showing a parked family van and couple of kids run out all dressed in green, green face and hair, and happy parents in back with green faces).

So call now – 1800 GO GREEN and we even throw in a green upgrade of your car, free of charge! (Showing unhappy lady in a white car / the same car all green with her smiling)

Again, my name is Oliver Green (his face in green) the owner of the Going Green Inc. Call us now 1800 GO GREEN and we get you going green all right.

And please, do not settle for cheap replicas (a picture of blue men group)