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December 16, 2014

Apparently Ringo Starr didn't know he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when he wrote this "angry" letter to them asking why he's not in yet.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced that former Beatle Ringo Starr will be inducted next year. Ringo didn’t know that, however, when he wrote this letter to the Hall of Fame asking why he has yet to be added to the hallowed hall of rock gods:


It’s me, Ringo Starr, baby! Peace and Love! Peace and Love!

A Groovy Dear to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

Peace and Love, Peace and Love! I have sort of an anti-cool question mark of a query for all you blokers and jokers: how come I’m still not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Famous people yet, baby?! Ol’ Ringo Bingo should make it this year, methinks, and hopefully you fame fellows will make me rockin’ dream come as true as a foot in a shoe.

Me drumming is the best thing since sliced biscuits, in my thinkin’ mind. I can keep the beat eight days a week, 25 hours a day, 61 minutes an hour. I can hit the cymbals when needed, the bass drum, the snare — I’m as versed as Shakespeare on all the parts of the drum, and I can play them in over four different ways. That’s only six short of two from a dozen, baby!

All my mates from the Beatles are already there, too, and ol’ Ringo thinks he should be hummin’ and drummin’ along with them up in that big great hall. I haven’t seen George or John since they each made it in, and some little birdies (hummingbirds, the little flappers) told me they’ve been there ever since they joined. Granted I was a little high off the Jane’s Mary at the time, but I’m a little high whenever the cuckoo sings, if you catch my drift.

I’m a rock Starr in the constellation of Rock and Roll, baby, sitting up their in the groovy sky of All Stars. Is this about my solo one-man sings and songs? Those albums still spin like tops, baby. Take my latest album, Ringo 2012, for sale now on the internet (Purchase and Buy! Purchase and Buy!) — those songs are singing, man. Not only do they rock more than mountains, baby, those lyrics are as deep as wells in the bottom of the ocean, man. Here’s one from me song “In Liverpool”: “Music was my goal in my heart and in my soul.” I wrote that one night splashin’ and splishin’ in the tub, and I nearly wet my water it was so good!

I’m a rock Starr in so many other ways, too, man. Have you seen my art I made using Microsoft Paint? If that doesn’t get me in some sort of hall, I don’t know what will, man. I’ve enclosed a few pieces in me letter for you to ponder over in your gardens. I think you’ll make the right decision, baby. Peace and Love! Peace and Love!

Peace and Love,
Ringo Richard Starkey Starr

P.S. I’ve just been told by me doorman Mitch that I have been inducted. I’m through the moon, baby! I’m still going to send this letter, though, baby, since I spent five weeks of a month writing it. PEACE AND LOVE! PEACE AND LOVE!


This piece of art is called “Big Close Up."I made this and call it art.

starr_ two_heads.jpg

“Two Heads” I titled it, because it’s a Microsoft painting of two heads.


“Elaphant Foot"— I think the two dots in the "O’s” make it art.

Unytone Time.jpg

“Unytone Time” — I was a little stony-balony-d when I named that, I think.