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September 18, 2008


Naked Man’s Production Team has been working night and day in preparation for filming the last 3 three episodes of the 5 part Naked Man series. Did you know there were 5 parts?  Well, now you do!  Some of the plans that were shared with Naked Man’s fans in earlier posts have been rearranged in order for production to move smoothly and at the quickest pace possible.  Here are the latest developments in getting the big box on the You Tube screen. Every wonder how it all fits?

All characters have been cast, and scripts are being emailed to the actors as you are reading this. Yes, Naked Man’s staff are multi tasking monsters! Availability factors prevented the shoot scheduled for this weekend. This leaves the big question, “Naked Man, when ARE you going to start shooting?”  October is right around the corner, and it looks like that’s our magic moment.  Did you know Naked Man’s birthday is in October?  Well, now you do!

So there you have it Naked Man fans.  The actors are working on making their characters solid. The Naked Man Production Team are working on location availability and rounding up a camera crew. Before you know it, Naked Man will be dusting off his boots to greet Crankee Frankee, Litter Bug, and whoever else is wreaking havoc in Boom Town. Make sure and buy plenty of popcorn, and be prepared to stay on the edge of your seat!

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