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March 20, 2010


Jesse James...how come George Clooney hasn't self replicated any of his DNA?  When George goes it is the end of the road and, he might be a poon hound, but he is still the hotness that is George and he is also smart, hilarious, compassionate and interesting...and when he goes all that is Clooney goes down with him.  Jesse James, on the other hand...the spawn have been spread.
So...Jesse James has taken away his wife's short lived Oscar glory and replaced it with the fifteen minutes of fame Michelle McGee will get for being his part time spunk receptacle.   And,  the nicest thing I can say about her is that her tattoos  are spelled correctly.  Although, there has been some debate regarding her little Nazi  Fetish and whether or not the  blazed "W" and "P" stand for "white power"  or, as she would rather have you believe "wet pussy."  Somebody's mother is REAL proud.   Rumor has it that they met on "MySpace", which I find hard to believe because who the Hell uses "MySpace" any more??  Or, it could have been her exciting job at "socalglamourgirls.com", where Michelle can become your cyber gf for a mere $7.99 a minute?  I think TMZ might have got that wrong because I think it's $7.99 for the first minute and then $79.99 for the anti-viral drugs to clean the VD out of your hard drive after.
Speaking of "hard drives"...Tiger Woods has some 'splainin' to do since one of his many port-o-pussies came out with his...um "sexy talk"...kind of not really more like disturbing deliverance type "challenges" he's offering the girl.  Although...I think after reading them I'm inclined to think that Tiger was right going to whores.  Whores don't get paid for "love" after all and the stuff he's into....let's just say if I was his wife I'd be like "Yah.  You're going to have to call a hooker for that."