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January 04, 2014

Weird news. Punchlines. Laughter.

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Head

mexico.jpgIn Mexico, police found five headless bodies along with a note from a drug cartel. Foul play is suspected.



Are You Sure You Wouldn't Like Something From Row 4?

vending_machine.jpgBeginning this year, vending machines in the U.S. will start displaying calorie information to encourage people to make smarter snack choices. Because apparently the machines' reflective glass surface hasn't been doing the trick.





There's Such a Thing As Too Much Spooning

soup-spoon.jpgA man has set a Guinness World Record by balancing 53 metal spoons on his bare torso. Even though it was a world record, he was booed by the rest of the customers in Denny's.




Do It Again!

military-laser-experiment.jpgA U.S. Army official says that the recent successful testing of a vehicle-mounted laser could give the U.S. an edge in high-functioning defensive technology. And in awesomeness.




Backup Theory: Bored Farmers

open-uri20140104-1008-1qgtdrjThe discovery of a mysterious crop circle in California has led some to theorize that aliens are responsible. Because we all know that when the aliens come, their first priority will be landscaping.





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