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April 30, 2013

So you just bought your newest friend, and brought her home. Look into those innocent eyes and you can see what a deep bond will form between you.

So you just bought your newest friend, and brought her home. Look into those innocent eyes and you can see what a deep bond will form between you. But you have to keep in mind that the little puppy is yet very young. She just got separated from her mother and little brothers and lots of things have changed around her that she can't understand. Just like human babies, they need your love and lots of sleep. Because they are so tiny and young, they tire very fast. Don't let members of your family disturb the little puppy's sleep, and don't let anyone stress them unnecessarily. Just like babies, they need a calm atmosphere and gentle bonding with the family at their own pace.


You have a tiny baby to care for. As you may know, the smaller a pet is, the more often it may need to feed, but it will consume a small quantity at a time. Your puppy is also a baby, so food plays an even bigger role than usual. Also, don't forget water. Your pet needs a 24 hour access to fresh, clean water.

Their nutrition has to provide them with enough minerals and vitamins to help them grow. While dog food is not bad, a baby needs more than that. According to a iheartteacups review, Nutri-CalĀ® does the trick. Don't forget to check what kinds of dog food do they recommend for your precious, as not every kind of dog food is good enough for the puppy. In case you have to change the food, don't do it suddenly. Instead continue with the original one, but add a little more of the new one with every feeding. After a while, you will be serving her only the new food, and the transition didn't stress the puppy at all.

You should also keep in mind that because your puppy is so small, the level of sugar in her blood can deplete quite fast. Nutri-CalĀ® will help with that too. Give her a bit of it in the evenings and mornings, and also whenever she had more play or even stressing events.

We also have to mention bowel movements. The little pup's excrement should be regular and solid. If there is any irregularity, take her to vet. Do not underestimate the problems of the digestive system. You can serve the best foods and healthiest nutrition, but if the puppy cannot digest it well, it will not reach the muscles and bones that need it to grow.

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We reviewed a couple of essentials for the first days. Basically you have a baby to care for. If you act as you would with a baby, things will be all right, and your puppy will grow to be healthy, a strong bond will be formed and you will enjoy great times together.