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Cleopatra 2525: The Movie 3D ( A new movie based off the the t.v. show that aired in 2000 and 2001 for 28 episode. So here is the plot an An exotic dancer, cryogenically frozen in the year 2001, is accidentally thawed out in 2525 by two female warriors who are fighting against evil robots which have taken over the world. The three join forces and try to escape the underground caverns to which humanity has been banished, meeting up with all sorts of strange creatures along the way. Starring ( Gina Torres ) as Helen Cater, ( Victoria Pratt ) as Rose Sarge, ( Jennifer Sky ) as Cleopatra Cleo, ( Elizabeth Hawthorne ) as Voice and ( Patrick Kake ) as Mauser just like in the T.V. show back in the day. But if a no go on the movie f*ck it just bring it back a new SyFy Chanel t.v show re making the series with and all new cast because Clepatra 2525 is my jam but if you do make it into a new t.v show make sure you put Katarina Waters in this show as Cleopatrea Cleo because am ready for that big dogs over at NBC. But for real do something this old show.) 

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