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Hotties Vs Naughty ( So in the Year 3,000 after WW3 here on Earth things are going to Hell in a hand-basket and fast my friends. Because the N.W.O. is starting to take over for one and also the world is full of all kinds of supernatural things, such as Aliens, Vampires, werewolves, giant monsters ( an monsters of all kinds ), demons, evil scientist and so one and so on, with the evil villains in this world, in the year 3,0000 A.D.  An are only hope is that are only two heroines this Earth has left to save are asses "The Hotties" Candy Hart ( Katarina Waters ) & Andah Love  Živilė Raudonienė aka Aksana )  that they will take down the evildoers for us, because without them where done for yo. So are heroes Candy and Andah are here to save the day one day at a time.  Candy and Andah are human strippers or should i say where human strippers that both almost died from getting roofied by the young evil scientist Dr. Edwards Woods "who works for the N.W.O." ( Chauncey Leopardi ), who has genetically modified are human stripper ladies that has giving them both super strenght and super recovery powers that is off the charts. An so after escaping the lap they find out they have these super powers so they start using them for good. Do whatever they can to make the world a better place. An yes they still strip as a cover up so on one finds out they are the masked superheroines we call "The Hotties" that are here to save the day ! Little background on are girls so during WW3 Candy Hart ( Real name Bonnie Brooks ) came to the U.S.A. by herself from the U.K. looking for a safe to place to stay because things where getting out of hand fast in the U.K. So she ended up in Pittsburgh P.A. where she would become a stripper for a living. An yes she hates her life because she hates the world she lives in these days. As for Andah Love ( Real name Morta Laima "the meaning of her real name in English is Lady Luck" ) she is from Lithuania an came to the U.S.A. by herself to stay in Pittsburgh PA as a refugee as well and she also become a stripper here in Pittsburgh at the Strip club called "Busties" where both Candy Hart ( her stage name ) and Andah Love ( her stage name ) work and have become friends and so the live together in the apartments across the street from Busties together as B.F.F. An yes they live their together and still Strip at Busties to this very day together as their cover up now days because now that they have super powers The Hotties are all about saving the day these day you dig. O Yes this show has it all my peeps. Where talking Sci fi, Action, SEX, Comedy, drama, Mystery, and more !  Rated T.V. MA.  You can see where am going with this idea right ! So have at t.v. shows makers and make it your own players. An have fun with it big dogs. Enjoy it ! #FreakOut  baby ! Side-note Candy and Andah ( Will just call them by their stage names ) are both the last serving members of their families just so you know bros because WW3 was Hell but not as bad as it's being here on Earth in year 3,000. But Lucky for us the Hotties are here to kick some ass ! No matter where it takes them or what kind of shit they get mixed up in their here for us dudes. Am telling you this is a freaking big time hit so make it happen for the love of God !  ) 

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