You Might have daddy issues if your grown adult living in your mothers basement O !  NO ! 

You Might have daddy issues if you grow up in the White House for 8 years ! 

Field of Dreams 

You been Hookin and your on the drugs for fun man , you know ! 

You might have daddy issues my man because your fathers isn't really your birth father because am your dad kind of stuff is going on making for some daddy issues i guess. 

Anarchist Atheist type people you might have dad issues um K !  am cumin on my . 

You might have daddy issues because your my ass is broke ass joke suckah ! 

Like if you white as a ghost and shit right man , but  you act like wigger you dig , you might just have daddy issues ladies and gents. 

if your dad is a " Rocker " for a living you might have some daddy issues my friends };-! 

jagoff dad has issues {;-{D 

Cool Runnings is your favorite movie. 

You live the Daniel Tosh lifestyle. 

You get F*CKED up and do F*CKED up SHiT MAN ! 

( Keep the game going and top me because these ones suck !  ) 



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