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Published January 23, 2011 More Info »
You might want to stop drink if your peeing on the jukebox ! You just might wanna stop ! ( You get it ! Now a whole list of these corn ball cheese. ) 

You might want to stop driving if your a Asian woman  ( racist and sexist at the same time. As they say in the great white north SORRY  A ! ) 

You might want to stop with the jacking off if your looking at porn if your beating off at the library ! 

You might wanna stop being a whore if you had a train ran on you more than once ! 

You might wanna stop sitting on you ass if you have stretch marks for you whole bodies skin now you dig ! 

You might wanna stop smoking weed if your white and have dreadlocks ( Did you just see that UFO man ! )  

You might just wanna stop with the butt sex if bleeding out your bum hole. ( This also goes for drinking ) 

You might wanna stop with plastic surgery if your now addicted to oxycontin !  ( it doesn't look good on you , keep it natural my friends. ) 

You might wanna stop watching FOX news and CNN because it's killing your brain cells. 

You might wanna stop excuses because excuses are like assholes everyone has one and they all smell like shit ! 

You might wanna stop reading the crap because it's a dumb waste of time ! 


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