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Jungle Love ( So it's 2069 an human like alien race from the 8th dimension are taking over the World. ( there race is called sapiens ). An this sapien aliens have started up a new evil alien terrorist group that is taking over the Earth. So two armed X military soldiers, named Lance Hawks aka Hawk Eye ( Alex Riley ) and Sierra Starr ( Layla El ) aka Star ( An they fall in love when saving the day. ) Anyways they are sent on a mission to the Oahu Jungle in Hawaii by the President of the U.S.A President Eileen Koco ( Vickie Guerrero ) to "cut the head off the snake". so they can start the neutralizing of this alien terrorist group called P.A.C. ( Physical Attack Crew ) lead by The Queen of the sapiens DeeDee Mojo ( Tamina Snuka ) that is planning to take over the Earth so she can rise the population rate of her own race aliens the sapiens. An then there going to start taking over galaxies next if they have it there way. So they can keep growing and taking over everything is the goal. An well if at this rate the human race will not be around anymore, if Star and Hawk Eye can't get the job. By starting the take down of the P.A.C by killing DeeDee Mojo once and for all and then the neutralizing cant start sending them Sapiens back into to the 8th dimension where they belong as a small race of aliens they are not the over lords they wish too be. This Syfy action romantic dramedy has a little of everything in the mix in this movie. Rated R. ) Am telling you W.W.E. Alex Riley needs some movie roles and really he needs to be back inside the ring as well and as for Lyla El she has movie star all over her so put her in some things W.W.E. for reals dogs. Am not playin ! Alex Riley and Lyla El together would be a +. ) 


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