Well as you know i need a life ! 

A sugar momma is something i need in my life because i needs the money and i need a ride to all the cool shows and sports events i want to go see + i needs lots and lots of sex. 

A fucking job would be nice ! 

Some new acting roles to play would be pimp so hit a honky up players ! 

Taylor Swift's # because i want to show her how to rock out + i want to rock her world in sack you dig big sexy ! So Taylor hit me up swifty my sweet. An she can also be my sugar momma so am so down with some Taylor Swift on these nuts bitch ! 

For that show Cleopatra 2525 to make a come or at least get a reboot with a new cast because they show that was on in 2000-2001 was way to short lived if you ask me dog. 

Real punk band playing warp tour again not this gay ass emo hipster pussy shit ! 

A vegan fast food joint in my area would be killer sweet a. 

Lots and lots of weed and beer. Really a never ending supply is a must for me because i need my crutches in life because this world is one fuck up place buddy. 

69 on a rotating vibrating waterbed at least once a week. 

Pay for my ideas that never stop getting used ! i want my cut fuckers ! 

A orgy where am the only guy in it and their women from each and every nationality in that orgy would be a wet dream cum true for me ladies. 

i need the war on drugs to end and Hell since am at it all war need to end as in now ! 

i need for you to know that all religions are one because we are all one. So lets have ONE LOVE. 


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