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April 01, 2009


The Crawdaddys

The Crawdaddys

Boogie Dracula Bledsoe : Vocals, Guitar

One Take Hank : Vocals

The Crawdaddys', a Memphis originated band are well on the way of blowing the minds of everyone in the music scene. With the release of their upcoming double album debut in the midsts of everything, they are ready to invade your space and corrupt your souls with the words and music that they etched in stone and are ready to spread it like a disease.

Boogie Dracula Bledsoe

Boogie Dracula Bledsoe, was born on August 16, 1986, a native on Memphis, Tennessee. Bledsoe is a musician and lyrical writer. He has had a passion for music all his life. Bledsoe started playing drums when he was fifteen years old also learning to play guitar at the age of eighteen years old. Bledsoe has a strong musical background and has been in several bands such as "A Just War", "Burn The Masses", "Goodbye Monroe", "Budd Dwyer" and "Banana Hammock Ride", along with fellow Crawdaddy, One Take Hank.

One Take Hank

One Take Hank, born on November 1, 1984, also from Memphis, Tennessee. One Take is a "Horror-fanatic", Creative writer and a lover of music. One Take started off by creating a comedic Internet show called, "The Sleepy Cast". He started singing and performing with Boogie Bledsoe for another band "Banana Hammock Ride," last year as well.

The Crawdaddys

The Crawdaddys were born a year ago in the mind of Boogie Bledsoe. He wanted to express his music with his good friend, One Take Hank and share it with the world. Endless hours of laughter and jokes became the new hype of a musical revolution at hand.

The Crawdaddys really cannot be placed in a steady genre of music. They are a versatile band with alot to say. Whether it is about religion, race, sex or any other taboo experiences that the world faces today, they are not afraid to speak their mind about it. They consider themselves to be an "extreme" band and like it that way.

With 20 songs such as, "Scene Girls, "That's The Truth", "Higher Than I Do" and "The Offering Was Stolen" and two albums on the way, they are ready to take on the world.

"I've played all types of music with all kinds of bands and people, but I have had the most fun with The Crawdaddy's. It's not like One Take Hank and Myself set out to be "Rock and Roll Gods" I myself don't want anything to do with anything that has "god" in it. The Crawdaddy's has been a huge party since the get go. Myself and One Take Hank get together with all of our friends get drunk listen to The Crawdaddy's and just laugh and it'll be that way till the day they put the dirt on me.
If yousee me out BUY ME A BEER FAGGOT!!!!"

- Boogie Dracula Bledsoe

"To me...if I could put out for you in a few words, The Crawdaddys... is life. We are holding a light up to everything that everyone is too afraid to say and making it ok to hear and laugh at these things. Race,Religion,Sex.....I think Boogie and myself are the voice of a revolution...a movement for this uptight world to lighten up if you ain't...laughing you ain't living.

- One Take Hank.


"3 Legged Mule"


Scene Girls

Jeremy Morgan Ran From Us

That's The Truth

Gorilla Hooker

Zach Joe's Period Blood

What The Fuck Ever!

Ima Goddamn Vampire

When I Smoked Weed

"Get Your Dick Hard, Just So It Can Be Let Down"

4th Grade Was Fun For Me

A Handbag

POO POO with Zach Joe on piano

All White's Will Pay

Get High, Get Gone

The Offering Was Stolen

Higher Than I Do

18 Wheels And A Lot Lizard

*All Photographs are credited to Kirby Davis*