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March 11, 2009


Enough Trying to Save Me Money on My Car Insurance

Jim McPartland



Although Billy Mays grates on my nerves, I’ll at least give him credit for staying off NFL games and most prime time. He knows where his low rent customers lay.

Fucking Geico, on the other hand, is about to drive me over a ledge. A ledge that I would need insurance for afterwards, but not from them.

The latest brainchild from Madison Avenue involves ‘Kash Eyes’.

Can someone tell me how adding contact lens holders and black dots on top of a pile of 5’s is supposed to make me want them as my insuarnce company? Just hand me a goddamn lighter so I can warm my hands because I’ve run out of oil to heat with.

Geico spent $497 million in advertising in ’06- more than Coke. Are they gonna get in the bailout line to support this stupidity? I’d rather stick sharp forks in my neck during the 15 minutes I could be saving money with them.

Not everything they’ve done is horrendous. Just repetitive enough that a 10 IQ could remember the tag line.

We have the Gecko-

Where the fuck is Survivorman when you need him?



The Caveman



Either of which I would take over Kash Eyes.

The car companies have just about vacated the ad premises. They are replaced by car insurance. I wonder how much money they could save us if they didn’t have ads on every 33 seconds.