Thanks to everyone who submitted for the #PunFun topic #FishLadies.

Glad everyone still has bubbling enthusiasm for the game, and there were really some star(fish) submissions. Sea here, follow these people.

On a side note for this time around I got quite a few responses from people that were the exact same. They were clever, so I added them on the list. But it wouldn’t be fair to attribute them to just one tweeter so I made note that I got the submission a few times.

For future #PunFun –s if I get too many of the same pun tweeted at me they are going to cancel each other out. Only the weirdest, wackiest, most-hard- to-think-of puns will get the nod from here on in. Dive in!


10. Minnow Driver – various

9. Tuna Turner / Tuna Fey – various

8. Katfish Von D (or some variation) – a few people, as well.

7. Sofia Verbarracuda - notthatzacbrown

6. Goldiefish Hawn – adrianmclarke

(I would’ve gone with Goldie Prawn, but who am I to judge? Other than the fact I am the self-appointed judge. Actually, a prawn is not really a fish, so good job under the circumstances, guy)

5. Gwenyth  Paltrout – JoelAustin14

4. Sarah Jessica Piker – JeffRaum

(Just because she’s been likened to a horse so much in the past, it was a refreshing change to hear a joke about a fish)

3. Nanseahorse Peloseaurchin – mattbogdanow

(Haha! The Speaker of the House has two sea puns in her name! How did we not realize this before? Probably because we’ve never checked)

2. Sardina the Teenage Fish – johnsgar

1. Fishtina Agillera - MMagsaysay

(She drinks like one, too! Also NBC is paying me to put in this extra plug for that show that’s “American Idol” with rotating chairs basically)


Thanks everyone! I’ll announce the new topic soon. Follow me on Twitter HERE and keep your gills peeled. People say that, right?