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May 26, 2009


    "Once upon a time there were a rabbit and a horse, and they were always bickering with each other over something. Now, these animals were special. The rabbits name was Peter, the worlds only un-cute rabbit. The horses name was Vladimir, and he wore a hat. He also spoke with a Russian accent.

    One day they were fighting over whether or not they could believe it wasn't butter. As usual, the conversation was filled with subsistence, but, just as Peter the rabbit was about to admit it wasn't butter, Vladimir burst into flames, and burned to the ground. Then a giant golden hawk snatched up Peter and carried him into the sunset...then he ate him...or did he?" The old man asked. His grandchildren just stared at him, confused. "What kind of bed time story was that!?" Asked their mother, but, before the old man answered he fell asleep.

    "Is Grandpa dead?" Asked Steven, the youngest of the three boys, his voice quivering. "No you idiot!" snapped Mark, the oldest. "He's obviously sleeping!" Their mother wanted to scold Mark for speaking like that to his younger brother, but, right as she began to speak, the old man burst out laughing, and exclaimed, "I'm not dead yet! I'm as healthy as an ox!". The room erupted in laughter. The next day, the old man died.

                                                                            -To be continued