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By King Christopher (radio show host)

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March 04, 2013

A simple breakdown of what the modern woman really wants when it comes to love, sex, dating and relationships.


What Modern Women Really Want In A Man

By King Christopher


What do Las Vegas women really want in men? I am King Christopher, I have interviewed countless women over the years on my radio show  and women all seem to have the same disatisfaction from the men who persue them. A lot of women even say they prefere to go on being single because of their expiernces with men. I also learned that the things women say they want, aren't even close to what they actually end up with. So lets address some of things modern women really want, don't want and why?. Lets take a good look at what's making women so unhappy when it comes to love, sex and dating.




Women want to be ignored


Part of the problem is that men have been trying so hard to impress women, always agreeing with them, listening to all the things women say they want. Men are now turning into women. Women don't want a man to do everything she tells him to do. That's why the bad boy gets more women. Women call them “bad boys” because they don't listen to her like the nice guys.





Women do want you to buy their dinner


I hear more women complaining that men are cheap. There seems to be this trendy advice going around telling guys not to spend money on a date. You're just going to look cheap!


In my interview with brandy she says:

A lot of men will ask her out to dinner but then change the plans at the last minute and ask her...”you want to just go back to my place and watch a movie instead?”




Women want to be players too


Women want to date more than one guy just like men want more than one woman. I think the big difference is that women can.


In my interview with Russian model Oksana she said she dates a few guys at a time, each one for a different function.






Women want a guy who's quiet


Women just want a guy to keep his mouth shut. Even though they might give you crap for being quiet. It's better to be quiet than to say the wrong things.

In my interview with bartender Angela she said that most men she meets brag about how good they are in bed. She goes on to say, that automatically tells me he's probably bad in bed and I am turned off he even brought up sex.




Women want ugly men


Women want a man that's not as good looking as herself. Did you ever hear people say when they see a ugly guy with hot woman “wow! how did he get her?”




Young women want to date older men


In my interview with Gina who is 25, says she's dated men as old as 50.


I think the reason we see a lot of sugar daddy's in Vegas is because the older men aren't as aggressive as younger men. I think that kind of relationships seems to work out better when the man is older because he lets her do what she wants like party without him. The young guys just cant deal with it.






Women are massage junkies


Women want a good massage more than they want sex. But that doesn't mean you should start massaging every woman you meet now. Giving a woman a bad massage is probably worse than anything. Get some training first.





Women want space


I say, stay as busy as possible, I think women are more terrified of commitment than anything else. Vegas women just don't want to be bothered all the time. Even if you're dating and things are going well, it's still so easy for women to feel preasured.