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January 22, 2011

True story

The dead baby blog. Ok guys I know I haven’t been around FOD much anymore, and that has a lot to do with my schedule with school and all the things I have to do. Then again a lot has to do with download speeds and Beiber. I have to share with you the latest thing that has happened to me, because in reality as online friends go, I love all the guys I met on FOD and you guys are probably the only guys that could read one of my blogs and know what I’m saying. You all know me, I may be one of the hardest working, non-paid, un-famous people in show biz. I record music and try to sell it on I-tunes and have made a record breaking season of two cents this last year, I write screen plays that go to linger in many, many dark corners of the internet with no response or interest from anyone anywhere. I’m a wildlife documentary maker, currently waiting on the funding to buy the new Canon 7d mark v (1080p baby) which I expect the funds will become available around the exact same time the I.R.S. sends me my rapid refund. I write a book by the week, where I publish segments of one of my books- GENE- every week on my blog which is the only thing I have ever done where there are actual ads on my work. By the end of the year the whole book will be there for anyone to read. Every Friday I do this in hope that someday the switch will turn in my brain from the “Kind of good” to “Damn good” artist. I always have something going with a push-pull, constant working on some kind of expressionism. People may think I am an attention whore, or just crazy. I don’t care which, all I know is that I always have done this and I will always do it regardless to success. I have never accepted grants for my projects (or been offered, just to be fair to the statement), education is a different story but projects no. The point of the above paragraph is that I am out there. By that I mean that I am putting myself out there. I have open profiles and on my books and screenplays, I have contact info and things you would need to know in order to get in contact with me in case you were someone who is interested in getting one of my projects for distribution or further development etcetera, etcetera. (Mail in only cover page) I understand celebrities having stalkers. I really do, I mean they are out there and crazy people think they relate somehow to the celebrity. I also have noticed that celebrities have acquired the respect and income in the industry that they can afford some level of security from stalkers. I don’t have that. I don’t have any of that. I was messaging back and forth on Face Book with my friend Cathie; you may know her as Goatigirl and in between jaunting back and forth from my profile page and the message board I was noticing these pictures showing up on my profile. I looked at the pictures and noted the comment that said, “Pam Byrd has tagged you in this photo” I looked at the photographs and at first I thought to myself, “Wow those are some real intricate dolls.” Then reality swam down my spine and I felt the blood run from my face and the hair on my neck stand up as I heard myself say aloud-“THOSE ARE DEAD BABIES!!!!” Yes friends this crazy, crazy woman thought for some reason I would love to see her collection of dead baby pictures. I was horrified. I locked the doors, turned on the porch light, and hid the dog under the bed. I was TRIPPING!!! I picked up the phone and called my sister, I was all “Hey, do you know a girl named Pam Byrd?” She said, “Yeah, she was so-in-sow’s cousin when we were like ten, she came over once or twice when you were a little boy why?” I said “She just posted like twelve pictures of dead babies on my profile page and tagged them with my NAME!!” My sister was like “Oh, ha well I’m at the bar when I get home I’ll look.” “You can’t look!” I said, “I hid them and blocked her! Who does that?! Who puts pictures of dead babies up on someone else’s profile?!” My sister responded with, “Yeah that’s kind of creepy, sounds unstable, I hope she isn’t like planning anything.” That may have been the single worst thing my sister has ever said to me in real time. “I’ll check it out tomorrow and call around some of her family and see if I can get them to check in on her.” My sister said that and I exhaled because I knew at that point sis had a handle on it, in the way only siblings can know. I hang up the phone and go to the message board and tell Cathie everything that had just went down and she disappears for a few minutes and messages me “Yep those are dead babies!” “That’s just sick!” Then Cathie sends me a picture of one of the dead babies from crazy Pam’s photo Album. I replied to her “Now you’re doing it to me!” “I don’t want to look at dead babies, it’s really creeping me out and I’m going to lurch!” Cathie said she was sorry and we were both thrown back by the imagery. Cathie really went deeper than I did, I just knee jerked and freaked out but Cathy found out what was up. Apparently it was more than one person and they were doing some type of group mourning for miscarriages in some weird ass hillbilly mind screwed way. Pic swapping and somehow crazy Pam thought I would like to see a bunch of dead babies. I think I may be able to sleep tonight now that we have come to the conclusion that this was just weird, not dangerous. I think I can understand some of the fears that celebrities must have. I have awoken to finding my truck tattooed with bumper stickers from things I have said on the web, I have had strangers talk to me in the supermarket about something I have posted on the web that was interesting. Dead babies, dead babies was some scary shit! One way for certain someone can guarantee that I will never speak to them, look to them, or ever, ever be their friend is to post pictures of dead babies, dead puppies, or any other cerebral freaky shit on my profile or comment section especially if they tag the imagery with my name. Love ya.-Grizz1