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October 01, 2009


Well, this "Job Interview" i went on today was a lot like that time:

"Hey there young fella (and the other 20 people around you in this cramped ass little room)... All you gotta do is go get your own insurance license (.. No, we won't help with/payfor one bit of it), and then we can train you how to sell our crap, and make boat loads of money for us, while you wait patiently for your 'Commision Check.' ... Hourly pay? Heck no, you aren't even considered an employee to us!... Wait.... Where are you going?"

Just like when I foolishly considered selling Cut-Co knives, this was a sales pitch, aimed at mindless sales drones who don't actually care about financial security, and probably overestimate their sales skills. Commision only? Not for me thanks... I like knowing when I'm gonna get paid... And since when does "Work from home" mean "Drive to senior citizen's homes and try and hock insurance"????

... Well at least I got this email from MGM Casino about the dealer position I applied for.......... Which has already been filled.



I feel better now.... Except my head hurts.... And the drywall needs repair now.

Ok... Who has a horse, and where is your shovel? My dignity has fianlly been quelled....

- Kenny G.