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February 20, 2009


I was watching BEN-HUR the other day and although I believe its a great movie, my mind wandered durring the Charriot Race sequence of the movie and I started thinking about the sport. My mind began to create questions as I realized that Charriot Races were the NASCAR events of the day. Therefore the Charriot Drivers would be the NASCAR drivers of the day.  Am I insain or what?  Was there a LEX CLAUDIUS 500? The ANAZARBUS fresh wine classic? Were there post race interviews? " Yea I was breaking loose on that last corner, that white horse jewish bread twenty nine had me pushed up on the high wall, but my double horse grey roman olive oil and wine 66 was set up for it and was just an awsome handling rig, she just pulled up and cut him off on the inside and she took me to the checkers, I got to thank my crew, them barbarian slaves, I couldn't have done it without them, and my sponsers ROMAN OLIVE OIL AND BARIVAS WINE, can't wait to get to the next race in ALEXANDRIA, shure am looking forward to it, thank yall and we'll see you up there, all right see ya."Yes I am crazy. I got to be to be thinking like that. Oh well thats my take on history, whats yours?