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February 06, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #11
Introducing VICO TORRIANI and his LP:
"Ching - Ching - Ching (Happy Jose) Signorina Cappuccina". (?) (!)
Happy Jose' also known as Canadian Payday (Happy Ho's Eh?)
10. Witness The Invention Of Multi-tasking.:
He’s simultaneously offended Asians, Latinos, Italians and music-lovers
9. As part of their indoctrination you must listen to this for 3 days solid before joining the Happy Spanish Triad Mafia...the chinese chapter.
8. Not all of Peter Sellers’ characters were hits.
7. Money-Money-Money
(Joe's in a good mood)
Lady Coffee
6. This is not what Marco Polo intended.
5. Vico has to "go away" for a couple of years until things "calm down." We expect him back in late "Rabbit"...early "Dragon" at the latest.
4. He's just not believable without buck teeth and big glasses.
3. Finally an album with the classics, "Me Chinese Me Play Joke" and "Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees Look at These"
2. Frankie Valli tried to suppress this part of his career before the name change.

1. Big Trouble In Little Vinyl.