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October 31, 2008


And so today, I took a deep breath and uploaded a few of the videos I've made. I should add that none of these are "scripted" so to speak. What does "so to speak" actually mean? I guess that's another blog entry. And I'm beginning to sound like Paul Reiser when I do that anyway. What's the deal with that? Oops, Jerry Seinfeld. No can do.

Anyway, when I do these videos, I am improvising for the most part. I get an idea in my head, I turn on my camera, and I run with it, virtually speaking. If I ran with the camera, the video would be a mess-all jumbled and stoopid looking. And I would be heard gasping. Gasping isn't funny if the person doing it is turning blue. Trust me, It doesn't work.

So, here are the videos. I hope I don't die. Be kind. I'm nice to small children and animals.

Be well.