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June 22, 2008


an old man walks up the stairs of a health club in front of me. he grips the railing for support as he moves slowly, one stair at a time. his arms begin to shake from the strain of holding himself up and he stops for a moment to rest. all around him high school kids are running back and forth. giggling, squealing, and posing. he harldy acknowledges them or the dramatic juxtaposition of youth and age that i see him at the center of. he can feel their eyes on him as the pass him on the staircase...sometimes a kid will pass two or three times, laughing all the way. he lets out a long, labored sigh and looks down at his legs as if to say, "c'mon boys, just a bit farther", but, in looking down he realizes why these kids are paying particular attention to him...his cock and balls are hanging out of his tiny, red workout shorts. i see it too...and it's shockingly large for such a shriveled little man. he ignores his indecent exposure and continues to pull himself up the stairs towards his physical thereapy room (why they put those on the fourth floor of this building is almost like they're mocking the people who need it). the children continue to circle the old man, cackling like a pack or hyenas, waiting for their quarry to drop dead from exhaustion. the man does not waver, he just sets his eyes on his goal and soldiers upward...onward. i break from by statuesque position at the bottom of the stairway and hurry up next to the old man, "i don't want to humiliate you sir...but your... (slight pause as i attempt to find a word to describe his 'junk' that won't offend him and that he'll understand...hey, he's old, the slang has changed a bit since his day) PRIVATES are falling out of your shorts." the old man doesn't even look at me as he replies, "boy, i can see that. just let'em be, this is the most action they've gotten in 15 years."

i stopped in my tracks, and the old man finished his arduous trek to the physical therapy rooms. now, the high schoolers were circling me, making whatever private jokes about my clothes or (more likely) my extra-thin physique, and i noticed a girl at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me sympathetically. i smiled at her as if to say, "don't worry, i'll never see any of you people again, so if my cancer patient looks give them something to talk about for the next 2 minutes, let it be." but i don't think she got it...someday though...