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April 10, 2010



I’m back from a long . . . long . . . long road trip!

We went through the Great Plains where the buffalo roams and we went ‘round the mountains.

After a driving that felt like eternity, we arrived at the Black Hills. Well, there are definitely black cows grazing on the Black Hills. We then enjoyed the indoor swimming pool at our hotel. The following day, our first stop was the Crazy Horse Monument.



Then we visited Mount Rushmore National Memorial:


On the third day, we headed towards Wyoming . . . to Yellowstone. According to the GPS, we’ll be able to reach our destination within 9 hours. But of course, the GPS did not know that there is snow on top on Big Horn Mountain and there were no way around it. It took us an extra hour or so to trek the snowy mountain.

I believe it was 14oo ft. elevation when I asked the boys to look at the side of the cliff.  For a while there, I had daughters shrieking!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! (pause) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  I told them that I will have to start buying cute dresses for them when we get home.

When we were 30 minutes away from Yellowstone . . . we found the road to Yellowstone closed due to the 7 inch snow forecast. So, I closed my eyes and clicked my ruby red slippers . . . NOTHING HAPPENED! So, we stayed overnight at a town called Cody and the following day headed back to the other edge of Wyoming to Devil’s Tower . . .

Well, like I’ve said there was no going ‘round the mountain . . . so, we slid around the mountain heading back. Yes, I was driving and I decided that sliding ‘round the mountain was a lot faster! Hit a couple of reflector thingies before our car landed on a 4 foot snow drift! Thank goodness for the good samaritan who pulled our car out of the ditch. I offered for him to squeeze my "cupcakes" but a hug and a heart felt thank you sufficed. The only damage to the car were a couple scratches and a busted fog light.

Here's a picture of where my car halted:

After another 5 hours of driving, we finally arrived at Devil’s Tower:

For Keibar whose mind lapsed due to his alcoholic beverage . . . Devil’s Tower was made popular by the movies: Karate Kid 1, 2 & 3 (inside joke!)  Don't tell him that it was CLose Encounter of the Third Kind ~ hee hee hee.  THE ALIENS ARE COMING!!!

Then another 24 hours of driving, we are back home! I slept for 2 days . . . All I can say is that there is no place like home! I am glad to be back because I was shaking due to internet withdrawal . . .

More pics @ http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=45519&id=1428446597&l=1abbd43200