Come on, you don’t really want spoilers, do you? You’ve invested years of your life into this show — why ruin it now? Here, look at this cute dog picture instead. It contains no Game of Thrones spoilers whatsoever:


Presumably, you clicked on this post because you like the show Game of Thrones, and we’re not about to ruin anyone’s viewing experience for the sake of some easy clicks. We don’t wanna send you away empty-handed though, so here’s another adorable, 100% spoiler-free puppy photo:


I mean, if someone on the street offered you “free spoiled milk”, would you jump at the chance to drink some? Of course not, because spoiled things are bad. I’ll tell you what’s not bad, this guilty-looking little guy:


The only thing this little fella’s spoiling is his dinner!


“Hey, guess what happens to Tyrion on the finale of Game of Thrones? …Just kidding, you’re my best friend and friends don’t spoil TV shows for one another.”


We’ll worry about the Direwolves when the time comes, but for now, let’s focus on these little sweethearts!

naughty puppy picture.jpg

Listen, buster, we don’t care if you’ve already read the books - some people want to be surprised!