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November 21, 2009



Good evening sports fans,
I apoligize for not getting the results of the NPIsc in sooner but they will follow my little soccer rant!  After watching college football all day and seeing LSU's coaching staff blow a chance at winning a game at Ole Miss I was thinking, there are some pissed off and some heartbroken people in the greater Baton Rouge area. Me I am actually pretty happy. I live just down the interstate from that school and have never liked the Tigers. It is always good to see them lose. But  if you are a LSU fan I guess it could be worse. Who would want to be a football from the Republic of Ireland right now. I'm talking soccer now for all us U.S. football fans. That’s a tough situation for the fans of that nation’s soccer team. I love sports, but that is one of the fundamental differences between the United States and other nations when it comes to following our country’s athletes. If that happened to the USA in World Cup qualifying how many people over here do you think honestly would lose any sleep;  maybe five percent of our population? Our country does not have the same regard when athletes represent our nation at something as opposed to other nations. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. Examples: Only people who followed hockey closely could name any of the players on the USA Hockey team from 1980 before the Olympics started. It wasn’t until they beat the USSR that Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig became household names. Does anyone remember or even care who represented the USA in the America’s Cup sailing championships that was held 130 straight years by our country. The race was run normally every 4 years and was won by the USA every year from 1857 until 1987. The irony is that it hardly received any press for years and years until the trophy was taken away by New Zealand. Oh, so now we need to give a shit? The USA won the trophy back 4 years later and I can remember being in my teens watching Saturday sports wondering, why is there sailing on TV? Back then I was more into the NFL, MLB, and NBA not regatta, no offense.

It’s hard to draw similarities to how we feel about our sports but the one I can make is the compassion we have for our college sports. I would equate what happened to Ireland to my college team losing the chance to play for a national championship because of a horrible call as well. But you would have to imagine feeling horrible and then multiply it by 100 to match their angst. Soccer in most countries is serious business and it is unfortunate that the Republic of Ireland will not get to participate in the World Cup in 2010. FIFA upheld its decision to not replay the match even after the French player recommended they have a do over. I will not be pulling for Francais’ next year.   

Other than being a 14 year old kid feeling a sense of pride for his nation briefly for two weeks in 1980 when the USA won a gold medal in hockey; or maybe a little splash of pride two summers ago when Michael Phelps went nuts in the pool, I can honestly say there hasn’t been that many times I can think of that I would say I have felt like pride like every nation in the world feels when they compete for that little trophy once every four years.

If I had any advice for the upset Ireland fans I would recommend that instead of staying pissed that they go and get pissed at the local pub. Although I bet they already have been doing that for a few days now....by the way, Notre Dame also lost again today...that's the luck of the Irish lately.

Results are in!!!!

Receiving votes:

Aaron Rodgers learning how to take a sack will serve him well in later years….JoeLeeThree

"illegal tongue down throat, 5 yard penalty, repeat first base"…Hoarseface



There's no ass sniffing in football!...orionebaker


#53 screaming at the top of his lungs: "No, wait! You said I could eat him!"…Jimbobalouie


53 should get to the play by next week…drwho

All I could think of was the hefty kid always lagging behind too!


Received Votes:

Technically, this dude has TWO Cornholes….MadAdam


Won first prize--his face on a box of Corn Flakes. The loser? His face is on the milk carton; no one noticed when Bubba ate him...ideeclare





He was later disqualified for trying to smuggle two out in his rectum…bigjas


Lard ass still brings a bottle of Castor oil to every competition….orionebaker


So that's how they make creamed corn….Ichronic


Receiving Votes:

There were so many good comments it made this hard to pick a winner you guys freakin’ rock


She also uses that bungee cord to hold her fifty pound kotex pad in place….keibar

She puts the heifer in hefewiezen...hoarseface

Wanda was pissed when she had to go out for more beer while she was taking a dump….Gerhardguffaw

The origin of the weight lifting term, "The Snatch"…jimbobalouie

Winning a wet bikini contest in Alaska isn't all it’s cracked up to be….mellowpuma

Don't look inside that thong, it has Schlitz all over it…commonputz



That's a guy! I've seen his beer nuts….chistopher7

(I was wondering if this was a dude too)



Who ordered the Heiny-kin?...osopeludo

(That’s no mini keg either…)



I can pull your junk off with this thing too, wanna see?...ideeclare



Great job everyone and thanks so much for your participation…until the next bad fOD caption