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October 16, 2008


Lawrence O'Donnell reports that Colin Powell is about to endorse Barack Obama at the most critical time in this election cycle- when he's 14 points ahead. Thanks in advance, General Powell! Who exactly will be impressed by this news? Obama's already got the black vote, the military vote, the independent vote and the Republican but-not-really vote.

Well, it turns out there's a few holdouts who might come to the party if Powell's bringing the beer:

Jan. Oh, you know Jan. Normally, she doesn't care for the dark ones, but she sure took a shine to Colin. Must've been the time she heard his first name pronounced like the kind of cancer her husband Jim died of ten years ago. Godresthissoul.

Vietnam Vet Joe. If Colin Powell trusts that squirrelly snake Obama, why then V.V. Joe would certainly take another look at him. General Powell fought Muslims in the Gulf War, so for him to endorse one is huge .

Condi Rice. This is one about-to-be former Secretary of State who didn't think it was funny when President Bush left a vial of "Saddam Hussein's anthrax" in her locker. Har har. She's been puttin' a smile on her face and cleaning up that mess ever since. Well, guess who's having the last laugh on election day?

John McCain. "Jesus Christ, if I can't get Powell, why the hell am I here?"

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