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August 23, 2009



Before I write the POW, get this. I'm eating peanut butter with a spoon, straight from the jar. Do a lot of people do that? I'm not ashamed or anything, I was just sitting here getting ready to write the new POW and wondered if that was normal. Does anyone else do this? You do? That's disgusting. My sister gave me the peanut butter.

So, onto the POW.

Wait, let me explain why I'm eating the peanut butter: I wanted a peanut butter sandwich but there's no milk in the fridge right now. I can't eat a peanut butter sandwich with no milk. The whole milk situation is my fault. I'm in charge of six things in my house. Changing the oil in the cars, and keeping five gallons of milk in the fridge at all times. My bad.

Now, onto the POW.

Wait, why do we need five gallons of milk at all times? There's three people and one dog that reside in my house. Only two of us drink the milk, and now that I think of it we throw out like 4 1/2 gallons of milk every week. Also, we have 2 cars. So, I don't have six things to do, I have seven. That seems like a lot. Maybe my wife can take over changing the oil in the cars.

That way I can focus on the milk.