Today's the day. Tonight, January 7th, Gallery1988 opens its doors to "Is This Thing On?", an art showcase co-sponsored by some website. See below for more details.

We've showed you a zombie Louis CK and Zach Galifianakis as Marijuana Santa Claus. But if for some reason those weren't enough of an incentive to get your ass there, here's a few more. 

Chevy Chase, in a screenprint by Jeff Boyes:

An acrylic painting of Judd Apatow, courtesy of Casey Weldon: 

And another acrylic painting. This time of Brian Posehn, as envisioned by Travis Louie.

So where's this? Gallery1988. 

When is this? Tonight! (as long as you're reading this from January 7th to 29th)

And when I can I see the flyer again? Oh. Funny you should ask. It's right here: