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Published April 11, 2009
KNOW WHAT YOUR HUNTING. YOU NEED TO KNOW AS MUCH ABOUT YOUR PREY AS YOU CAN TO BE SUCCESSFUL . AND  ABOVE ALL... SHOW NO FEAR.  CAPTIONEERS, ON YOUR MARK, ETCWINNERS WHEN I GET EM...SORRY I DIDNT POST WINNERS MY BAD, BUT I DID NOTIFY WINNERS AND THEY WERE..I am not sure how this works...If I send you the winners, or? I am also not sure how to format the winner list, or if I am allowed to choose so many.....But I tried my best! Thank you for allowing me to judge this contest...I had a great time doing so!.....Now the list....Okay...It is hard to choose the winners because there were so many great entries....But, here is what I came up with...Gold(s) (I call this one a tie for first): drwho "Uh, that's not ear wax." and Gerhardguffaw "...and then she lifted her leg and farted. It smelled like doh...nuts." They were both so hillarious, I had to go with a two way tie for first, HAHAHASilver: ItsAllAboutMe "oh, I pray there is not a tongue in that mouth" My darn mind giving me all these visuals,...I guess I am just a pervert at heart =DBronze: phunniebone "Now that tattoo on my weiner of a cream filled long john makes sense" This one was so bizzare, I just couldn't help but laugh!Honorable mentions: stro32 "Sadly, I'd watch her eat a donut..." Dorin "A new way to portray any man as gay." Thompr "Does wanting to get a blow job from Homer make me gay?" sonnydown "I guess I'm a Homersexual." lizardladyfla "Homer Simpson never stops flapping his lips when he goes to the Drunken Clam."Thank you for allowing me to judge this contest! I had a great time! =D