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October 20, 2014

A hypochondriac's analysis of the Dallas Cowboys' winning streak.

The Dallas Cowboys are the hottest team in football, with a six game winning streak. What’s their X-Factor? Is it DeMarco Murray, who broke the NFL record for most consecutive hundred yard rushing games to start a season? No. It’s Ebola.

After beating the Tennessee Titans in Week 2 (a game even Tony Romo couldn’t have even mess up), the Cowboys had a tough season ahead of them. On September 19th, everything changed.

Thomas Eric Duncan, boarded a flight and the United States into hysteria. It started with one case, which was enough to beat a broken down St. Louis Rams. As the epidemic spread, the Cowboys defeated better opponents. The Saints, Texans, Seahawks, and not like they needed the edge but the Giants, all fell victim to the Cowboys.

Have the Cowboys exceeded expectations by most NFL analysts by scheme and elevated play, or are their opponents afraid of Ebola? If the trend of the United States as a whole says anything, it’s Ebola. The amount of coverage of the epidemic has sent many into hysteria. The number of homemade HAZMAT suits has skyrocketed over the past few weeks, and this is before Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes.

This begs the question; will the Dallas Cowboys ever lose again this season? Will DeMarco Murray continue walk through defenses seemingly untouched (because he isn’t)?

Which brave team will stand up to Dallas, Ebola, and most importantly hypochondria? Only time, and playoff implications will tell. So Cowboys fans, catch the fever…but try not to.