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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
a gun to my head.

Well am seting here watching Raw as i always do on mondays (because that is what fat losers do.) working on some stuff that i don't even like (such as making techno songs and youtube poop and doing this trying to make some google $ witch isn't coming in.) and it has hit me hard. An that is that am 27 years old with no GF's no job no car, been kick out of ever band i ever been in and am stil living in at my parents. An most of my friends don't talk to me anymore because they grew the F*CK up or there just flat out are dead. So this leads me to only having only one friend around that i only see every now and then being that he has somthing called a job. So i smoke weed and drink beers when ever i can so i don't kill myself but the only thing it does is wast the money my parents give me and keeps me from passing a piss test or holding down a job when i do get one. (i would stop but then i would kill myself so am not going there.) + i live out in the cut so there is not a thing going on besides people OD ing on pills and the H. So its like am 15 years old stuck here at home.(but when i was 15 i had a job doing dishes and busing tables and i had a GF that would give out the ass.) So really am just a sad sad little man who needs all the help i can get from you people. O GOD JUST TAKE ME NOW!

Well thats all folks so taker easy and if she is easy taker twice  good buddies.