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Published September 02, 2008

*I called a female friend of mine to tell her something, and she did not answer her cell phone, so I left a message. Afterward, I realized that what I had told her was incorrect, so I called back to tell her so. Again, she did not answer, so I left another message. I also told her that she didn't need to bother calling me back because I was getting ready to take a shower (and I stressed that it was not golden) and I would just talk to her later on.

Shortly thereafter, she called me back and asked what was going on. I asked if she listened to my messages, and she said no. She had seen that I called and she called me back. I told her that I realize a lot of people don't, but I leave messages, so she should listen to them before she calls me back.

We talked again later on, and this is that third conversation.*

Her: You really bitched me out about the messages today. That wasn't nice.

Me: I didn't bitch you out. I just told you that I leave messages.

Her: OK

Me: What if I had called to tell you not to call me because there was a bomb attatched to my phone that would be activated by the ringer?

Her: Are you happy now?

Me: I'm just saying, someone may want to kill me using a phone bomb.

Her: OK, but you don't live in Iraq, so I think the chances of that happening are small. Besides, why you? What threat do you pose?

Me: Unadulterated prejudice. It's an ugly thing.

Her: Of course. What was I thinking?

Me: It knows now boundaries.

Her: We live in uncertain times. You can't be too careful. I stand corrected, or suitably bitched out.

Me: Well, we're just lucky that it didn't happen today.

Her: How could I live with myself?

Me: I think that's something you need to really think about tonight before you fall asleep.


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