Everybody knows that “Knicks” is short for “Knickerbockers” and “Blazers” is an abbreviation of “Trail Blazers.” Did you know that every other team in the NBA also uses a shortened form of their full, original team name?

Indiana Lee Pacers

Miami Heathcliffs

Denver Butt Nuggets

New Orleans Pelican’ts

Milwaukee Buckleys

Boston Fancy Celtics

Memphis Grizzly Bear

San Antonio Spurts

Detroit, Michigan Pistons

Chicago Bulls on Parade

Toronto Lil’ Raptors

Philadelphia 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841976ers

Cleveland Cavaliers: Birthplace of LeBron James

Washington Wizards of Waverly Place

Minnesota Timberwolves of Waverly Place

Charlotte Brooklyn Hornets

Brooklyn Charlotte Hornets

Dallas Maverick Is the Sidesplitting Wild West Madcap Romp Of 1994

Oklahoma City Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Orlando Magic Johnson Has Survived For A Curiously Long Time, Right?

Los Angeles Great Clippers

Los Angeles Laker Girls

Phoenix Suns of Anarchy

Sacramento Princes of Maine, Kings of New England

Utah Jazzy Jeffs

Houston Rocket Man Burning Out His Fuse Up Here Alone

Atlanta Hockey Teams

Golden State Warriors