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May 25, 2009


I enjoy talking to people who use their hands to express what they are saying.
It is wildly entertaining as some people are masters at working their hands in synch with their words while others are not. These are the people i prefer. To the point that most times i give up listening to what they are talking about as their arm movements are far more interesting. What usually happens is they are thinking about what actions to make with their hands and this becomes the amusing part as the actions don't match what they are saying sometimes they are complete opposites.Try this next time you have a boring office meeting or presentation wave you arms around and make gestures that are completely at odds with what you are talking about. People will be so fascinated by your actions that you will cruise through your presentation as they will be in awe of your appendage performance and will think it is the best delivery of sales forecasts you have ever given no matter how bad the news really is.