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November 15, 2009



The Top Ten Names We Almost Named Our Website And The Reason Why We Rejected It

10.) MikeAndStefan.com: Someone got mad about this.
9.) RememberThatTimeKanyeWestGotOnStageWithTaylorSwift.com: That incident hadn't actually happened yet. Isn't it odd that we thought of that, all the way back in 2007? Odd.
8.) StefanAndMike.com: Someone got mad about this.
7.) ComedyComedyBoBomedy.com: If a guy named 'Bo Bomedy' ever joined our comedy team, the power of having the domain name named after him would have gone to his head, and quickly. Bo is like that.
6.) Googel.com: We thought people misspelling the actual Google.com would drive a lot of traffic in, but it turns out Google already thought about this and bought every domain even CLOSE to the word 'Google' and they wouldn't take 15 bucks for the domain name - or at least I'm guessing, because they never returned our voicemail(s).
5.) NoGirlsAllowed.com: This was a reference to one of our favorite comedy series of all time, 'The Little Rascals'. The only problem was that girls ARE allowed at BangBoomCrash, so, ya know..whaddya do?
4.) YuoTube.com: See #6 above.
3.) RachelRaysAngryBicycleWarehouse.com: I'm actually not sure why this name was in the running, but looking back, I wish we would have picked it. Man, that's a good name.
2.) S&Mcomedy.com: Way too much unwanted traffic to this name.
1.) CrashBangBoom.com: Come on, that just sounds stupid.

So, you know how the story goes because, well, we are BangBoomCrash and unfortunately, not RachelRaysAngryBicycleWarehouse.

Such a good name.