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October 18, 2016

I loved James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster hit 'Avatar' so much so that I have stayed in costume since Halloween of that year.

I loved James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster hit ‘Avatar.’ It took fifteen whole years for Cameron and his crew to create the epic masterpiece. The conflict between the silvan, alien natives and kill-for-oil humans sparked something deep inside of me. My love for Avatar’s floating island paradises extended to my real life when October rolled in. That Halloween, I was a Pandora alien. I was a glorious bright blue Avatar.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 12.45.46 PM.jpg

It took me weeks to put it all together.

I worked so hard on my costume, that I actually missed Halloween day. I felt like an idiot, but I knew I couldn’t let this hard work of becoming an Avatar be for nothing. So I left the paint on until Halloween 2010. It felt great. Everyday for a year, people would ask if they could take pictures with me or let me drive their car. I drove an Audi in 2010! Then when Halloween ‘10 rolled around, everybody at the party gave me a high-four (Avatars only have four fingers) and said “nice costume!”

It was everything I could have dreamed of…

2010 (11/1/2009 - 10/31/2010) was the best year of my life. When I woke up the morning after Halloween night 2010 – hungover as heck ;) – I was hit with a tidal wave of depression, a lot like the feeling I got after I saw Avatar for the first time and realized I couldn’t live in their world. That’s when it hit me. When I came to terms with the fact that I will never live in the trees of Pandora, instead of being blue, I made myself blue. I turned myself into an Avatar and had the best year of my life. So I decided to keep it up.

2011 was great. Still got all the compliments. I got to drive a Lexus. Everyone loved my costume at the party. The – hungover ;) – morning of November 1st, 2011 I thought to myself “This has been a good run…let’s keep it going.” I did. Through 2012, past Halloween ‘13, I drove an Acura in 2014, but come 2015…something changed. People didn’t care.

Come 2015…something changed. People didn’t care.

No. There was more than just people not caring. There was hate. People on the street called me a dumb, fat, blue boy and never once in 2015 did I get to drive someone’s car. At the Halloween party I was humiliated. People said things like “It’s Halloween 2015” and “you’ve worn the same costume since 2009” and “Fuck you, you dumb, fat, blue boy.” But that was all just surface insults. The worst was the fact that people in 2015 just didn’t care about Avatar as much as I still did. I heard some people even say that it’s bad. I didn’t know what else to do.

So this year (11/1/2015 - 10/19/2016) I have just been myself. No paint, no hair extension, no bracelets, just me. It was hard at first, not feeling like a Na'vi, but I adjusted. I made some new friends. I watched some new movies (hadn’t seen a movie since Avatar). I moved on. Would I do it all again? Absolutely. Am I happy to be myself again? Yes. Would I ever pretend to be a fictional movie character for six straight years again? Probably not.

I’ve moved on.


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