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October 04, 2008


Combo Pack

Jim McPartland


You get a double whammy treat today.

First, I heard on WCBS radio this morning NBC is planning a remake of The Partridge Family. I found it silly, but my younger sister loved it and I’m sure many a pre pub female fantasized about David Cassidy crooning his love songs while making sweet, soft, passionate love. Danny and Ruben, of course, would watch and complain he was taking too long and it was their turn.

Let’s play a game.

Which FOD members do you think would play the best parts to replace those in the original cast? Kim can only play one part, not pull a Patty Duke where she is everyone.




As a refresher, the parts are- Keith, Shirley (Mom), Laurie, Danny, Tracey, Chris.


Manager Ruben not in photo.


I’ll tell you my nominations after yours.


BONUS points (no goggling! I’ll know!)


What is Tracey’s real name?


Who was the actor that played Chris #1, why did he leave, and is he alive?







Now onto NFL Week 5.


I went 6-7 last week. Good news was my 2 ‘Picks of the Week’- Carolina and Tennesee were correct. As a matter of fact, I predicted Tenn 34-19. The final was 30-17.


I lost 2 games by the spread and the Raiders, up 15-0 at halftime sucked raw eggs in the 2nd. A bye week and coaching change won’t help. Can’t Al Davis just go to assisted living and call it a day?


I am 31-27-1.








Buffalo    1    at Arizona

Not crazy about this

 KC  9 1/2 at Carolina

Think KC got one of their few wins against a sound asleep Denver 


Chicago 3 1/2   at Detroit

Lions due for something at home and I love to piss off SillyBitch.

at Dallas 16 1/2 Cincinnati

Granted, Dallas may be out for blood, but I’ll take the points

  at Denver  3    Tampa Bay

Another tough one but like them at home

  at Green Bay  7   Atlanta

This was 7 yesterday, but Rodgers may not play. Would be my POTW

Indianapolis  3 at Houston

This is now my POTW. Peyton due big time. 45-28.

 at Jacksonville  4  Pittsburgh

Close. Pitt plays them tough, lose but cover at 13-10.


New England  3    at San Francisco

Pats pissed after Miami loss.

  at NY Giants 7   Seattle

An upset 20-17. POTW #2.

at Philadelphia  6  Washington

Like the Eagles and Skins got their upset last week. 27-10.

  San Diego  6 1/2   at Miami

Miami got v Pats. 35-17 SD

 Tennesseeat BaltimoreStay away.

 Monday, Oct 6

at New Orleans 3 Minnesota

Not crazy about this either.