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November 16, 2009


Ok,  time for a break from the defenseless animals.  Oh yes, this time they have something to prove.  There can be only one.  Are You Ready To Mock Animals?
I Can't Hear You! I Said, I CAN'T HEAR YOU! 
oh yeah, no sound on a blog. huh.

9. Worst TLC match ever. Tails, Lycra, & Cats.-LucyLieu
8. MMA....Meow Mix Action! - ellesbelles
7. No, no, I told you before. Our next stop is Columbus, not Akron. Now get ready for the Head Reamer, just like we practiced it.- keibar
6. ...and the crowd went feral! - ideelcare
5. With a massive pussy-fart, he blew away the competition......and splattered the ringside seats – WILLIBOY
4. Crouching Tabby Hidden Dander. – ian Rega
3. Ironically™, the promoters were common, small, opportunistic birds that like to hang out near screened-in windows - trident
2. I'm going to scratch your eyes out and nobody will be at all surprised.- bigjas
1. Michael Vick's latest idea; Fun for the whole family! The kids will love the cute cat costumes, even as they turn red...- ideeclare