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May 08, 2015

She's running for president. Does she deserve your vote?

Hillary Clinton: Distinguished politician. First Lady. Secretary of State. And now presidential candidate.

Many polls show her as the clear front-runner for the 2016 presidential election.

But can you trust a presidential candidate who looks like this when you Photoshop an upside-down smile on her?


I don’t think so.

But of course you might say, “This is just a scare tactic designed to distract us from the facts and prevent us from making an informed decision.” Well, let’s look at those facts. Here are 3 times Hillary has failed us:

1. The Benghazi Scandal

September 11, 2012. An attack on the American diplomatic compound in this Libyan city. While the Clinton State Department insisted the attack grew out of local demonstrations, it became evident that the attack was a result of coordinated terrorist action. Can we trust a president that cannot bear political responsibility…


… when her face looks this weird after you flip her mouth and remove her eyebrows?

May I remind you, a president keeps the nation together, leads armies, governs our economics policies, and holds the nuclear codes.

With this in mind, let’s move on.

2. The Lewinsky Affair

We all remember Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary and lied about it under oath. Now the couple claims all is well and forgiven. In fact, Hillary recently said “That is something we have certainly moved beyond and our country has moved beyond.”

Oh really, Hil? Can ya really be happy and “over it”…


… when you look this ridiculous after we give you a tiny face?

Here’s a short history lesson: Abraham Lincoln was never Photoshopped in office. John F. Kennedy: Never allowed it. George W. Bush: Not once Photoshopped. But Hillary Clinton just “let this happen” to her. What else would she just “let happen” to our nation?

3. Emailgate

How ‘bout that email scandal? Thanks to the Times, we all know Clinton deleted over 30,000 so-called “private” emails during her State Department tenure—emails that possibly belong to the public record. I’ve acquired some of these emails never released to the public. Judge for yourself:

December 27, 2009.


January 3, 2010.


And these emails continue all the way up until two days ago.


Wow. She never responded. I shouldn’t be surprised.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has a demonstrated track record for failing to respond to funny Photoshops of her face. A president is meant to lead our country, show bravery under pressure, and at least acknowledge emails of her being Photoshopped in funny, weirdo ways. Historically, Hillary has already failed us.

The Verdict? She cannot be trusted and does not belong in office.

I rest my case.