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Published May 08, 2014 More Info »

This is a game i have just made up for all you party people out there in the world today. An this little game is called "Roundhouse" ! An these here are the rules for the game. An yes it's an easy game to play so you will pick up on this fast. 

Roundhouse - Put a can or bottle on it's side ( you know so it's laying down not standing up ) now make a circle around the can or bottle with a full deck of playing cards with the cards facing down so you can see them ( An yes keep the jokers in the deck ) now set in a circle and pick the cards one at a time. ( An the person who said lets play Roundhouse picks the first card then it goes to your left.) So after you pick a card look at it an if  the card is red the person who picked the red card takes a drink by there self but if the card is black everyone playing takes a drink and if the card is a joker whoever picked the card has to tell a joke an whoever laughs at the jokes has to cheers with the person who picked the card an yes then take a drink with the person who picked the joker. Then the person who picked the card ( Doesn't matter who and it doesn't matter which card because it goes for all the cards ) they must throw the card at the can or bottle and if you hit the can or bottle the next person goes aka the person to the pickers left goes next, but if  the person misses the can or bottle with the trowing of the card they must take a another drink alone then the person to the left goes and so on. An when you run out of cards at the end of the game whoever ends the game by hitting the bottle or can or what have you with the last card picked card they get to pick whoever they want to shotgun that can and or bottle or what have down you you dig, but if that person misses with the last card they must shotgun that can or what have by their self, this ending the game and everyone gets drunk the end. An that is how you play the game called Roundhouse !  An yes this game is best played with beer. But it's your life so do whatever you like a. An warning if you die playing this game it's not my fault players. Drink responsibly for the love of God ! My friends. )