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May 30, 2016

If you happen to own a cat and some spare removal boxes, watch what happens.

You must have surely heard that cats and boxes form an amazing relationship. If you own a pet cat and have some spare removal boxes, introduce them and watch what happens. You will be amazed at the chemistry these 2 species create. Remember to grab a camera and start filming, because what is about to happen is worthy of remembrance! Here are few notable examples:

1. Cats feel like superheroes with boxes

This guy here has a better outfit than large portion of the Hollywood superhero characters!

2. Cats are genuinely impressed with anything box-related

The very idea of empty space inside a removal box makes cats curious. We can only imagine what goes through their heads when the boxes are occupied.

3. Cats develop acrobatic skills thanks to boxes

Check out the moves of this little guy. They can easily get him a role in a kung-fu movie.

4. Cats learn to face the ‘uncomfortable’ truth

As sometimes there is a box just not large enough to accommodate a furry friend.

5. Cats learn to share

And sometimes there is just so much extra space that cats decide to share it. See how good at sharing all of these guys are!

6. Cats learn to relax

However, when there is too much space, a cat may decide to keep it and not share it with anyone. That is the definition of comfort.

7. Cats learn to deal with malfunctioning boxes

Clearly this one is not OK and should be discarded - the box, not the cat!

8. Sometimes a friend is all you need

In order to feel completely boxed in, sometimes a helping paw is needed.

9. Cats like to defend their precious boxes

Who knows if that meanie won’t attempt to take away the box for himself. Better fend him off right away!

10. Cats are sneaky

You never know what may be lurking inside a box - empty space or a furry occupant?

11. Cats form beautiful neighbourhoods of boxes

Where one feels good, many feel great!

12. Cats learn to be creative

Boxes have a hidden potential, which all cats use to unlock their hidden creativity. Great relationship all the way!