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April 01, 2009


Acai berry is called the nature’s perfect food because of its numerous health benefits, which you can be acquired by acai berry diet.

For instance, soccer players and Jiu-jitsu fighters in Brazil usually have big meals of acai berry pulp before they compete. This is because acai berry is a perfect source of carbohydrates and nutrition. In addition, the antioxidant levels in acai berry are high, which increase stamina and energy levels. Acai berry diet can strengthen the body’s immune system to fight diseases and infections.

With acai berry diet, free radicals that have harmful effects to the body can be eliminated. These free radicals come from pesticides, pollutants, cigarette smoke and others. They attack the body cells, which cause diseases and damage DNA. You can get high levels of antioxidants with acai berry diet, which are good for getting rid of free radicals and strengthening the cells.

The natural combination of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, phytosterols and amino acids work together for the body to function better. In addition, acai berry diet can help the digestive system to process the food easier as well as to burn fat effectively. Acai berry is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat to keep your body healthy. If you have a well-balanced diet, you can have a better chance to reach your wanted weight.

In addition, antioxidants in acai berry as well as the essential fatty acids work as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent while at the same time boosting the body’s immune system. It also helps fight several eye problems such as muscular degeneration and glaucoma.  
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