Omg OK, well we can’t start without addressing the fact that Ryan Gosling could NOT stop giggling last night! And you know what? I loved every minute of it. I get it. The whole thing about live comedy when you’re involved is creating a utopian world of absurdity for the audience to laugh at, and for that to happen, you can’t laugh, because then things fall apart. But some SNL sketches have made comedy history because a cast member, or two, or all, broke into laughter. And poor Ry-Gos really tried hard to contain it, through tight lips and tearing eyes! Now that it’s over, let’s all laugh with him.

“I don’t think I was dealin’ with the top brass.”

Aside from Ryan GosLOLing, another hallmark of last night was just how weird some of the sketches got. Kate McKinnon’s chain-smoking, been-there-done-that UFO abductee character was maybe the best thing she’s ever done, and she’s already probably the strongest cast member on the show. She played alongside Cecily Strong and Ryan Gosling who also got abducted by glowing, blue aliens who showed them “the furnace of all creation, what we would call God,” while McKinnon got stuck down in a “dirty metal dome” as “40 little gray aliens watched me pee in a steel bowl.” And that’s only the beginning. This was where Gosling first broke, and it was a pretty close call for Aidy Bryant, too.

And you ain’t nervous about little Tammy Typewriter discovering some secrets, are ya?

The next insane character came from Kyle Mooney, playing an old hometown friend/bully of Ryan Gosling’s who totally blows up Ryan’s spot during an interview with a GQ journalist at his hometown bar in Canada. He uses a litany of alliterative non-insults like “Mister Melodies” and “Sally Songstress"to reveal how Gosling used to sing, and he doesn’t leave Cecily Strong, "Pretty Pencils,” “Nancy Newspaper,"out either. At the end, Mooney does his signature dark character shift from brazenly confident to a puddle of insecurity, but by the time this happens … he’s taken off his tough-guy but nondescript "Demons” shirt (LOL), which Gosling cannot help but crack up at.

Santa doesn’t drink. He’s gotta drive the sleigh.

Finally, Gosling and Vanessa Bayer play new neighbors at a holiday party — and it so happens that they are adult believers in Santa Claus. I can’t decide which is more fun to watch, Ryan Gosling losing it at a shirtless Kyle Mooney, or nailing a committed performance (because this is a filmed sketch) as a lunatic who insists on meeting Santa Claus.