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Published February 03, 2009
A MESSAGE FROM REAL HOUSEWIFE OF ORANGE COUNTY STAR:  GRETCHEN ROSSI's BLOGI know most of you think I am nutso for getting lifejackets for my dogs, but I will tell you honestly why I got them. I watch the History Channel a lot and it was talking about past tsunamis and the chances of them hitting certain coasts. Well the coast of California is one of those, and God forbid a tsunami hits Newport Beach and I have to try to not only save myself from the rushing water, but also keep my dogs afloat as well. I guess I'm just a protective pet owner. Those little ones are like my kids and I would be so upset with myself if I didn't do everything in my power to protect them from everything that they have no chance of doing themselves. They are not good swimmers, so lifejackets are a good way to try to save their lives if it ever came to that.